Bunny Rabbit — Shelter

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

We adopted Bunny, a wire hair dachshund mix (originally named Scooter) from the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas in December 2015. In January, our youngest son was born early and Bunny took his role of protector very seriously. He would spend hours watching the baby, always so kind and patient as our son grew. Bunny and our son have a very special bond, one that was tested in June 2018. My son was playing in the sandbox, Bunny was gated on the back deck, when a large breed dog came into our yard. The dog charged at my son, and Bunny squeezed through the gate to intercept the dog. It gave me precious seconds to pick up my 2 1/2yr old and get him safely inside. Despite being small, Bunny took on the German Shepherd, and saved what would have been certain injury to my son. Bunny suffered tremendous injuries as a result. His stomach was gutted open and he needed immediate attention. We got him to an Emergency Veternarian nearly an hour away. His recovery was long and painful. He had to fight for weeks to regain strength and health. Now, nearly 2 1/2 years later, he has the scars of his ordeal, but is still with us, thriving. His bold actions that day saved our son. His size did not stop him from doing what he did against a much larger dog.

Please consider Bunny for your award. He is truly worthy of being recognized as a hero. Bunny is full of love and is our hero, forever.

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