Buttercup — Shelter

Location: Lapeer, Michigan

Buttercup was a teaching animal at my veterinary technician program. We have a great relationship with the local animal control, so they give us six dogs and six cats for a three week session and in return we fix, vaccinate, and give them any treatments they need for free in return for us students getting to learn with them. She was apart of the first session of animals and when my class went back to see the kennels; she looked at me from her bed and started wagging her tail and it was an instant connection. Every time for class she would come out and run to me for loving. Everyday after class I would talk to my mom about this dog named buttercup. So while I was buttering up my mom I went and started the process of trying to adopt her. I got the form and talked to my mom; It was a yes from her and we filled it out and turned it in. It became official and Princess Buttercup J was mine.

It all started with a roll over car crash where I went air born and flipped 3 and a half times. 2016 I was diagnosed with a raging kidney infection where I was 2 days away from passing. I spent a year on antibiotics trying to kick the infection. I got out of an abusive relationship where the guy was sexually and mentally abusive. Buttercup saved me as two days before she came home my grandfather passed, than my childhood dog, then my grandmother. Buttercup has anxiety but me and her are attached. We now run agility and she has gained so much confidence. It is safe to say she is my heart dog.

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