Candy — Therapy

Location: Fanwood, New Jersey

My dog candy is a certified therapy dog who has touched many lives providing therapy to cancer infusion pantients in hospital and medical centers, elementary, middle and Highschool stidwnts, major corporations like corporate headquarters for Johnson and Johnson and united airlines @ newark airport, nj. I’ve had numerous people wherever Candy provides live and therapy to everyone she needs how loving, caring, adorable and how impressed and important she is to the patients , students, senior citizens in nursing homes/ assisted living centers.shrs touched the lives of aooo many people and children, she has brought tears to patients families and the patients themselves!, I’ve been over complimented over and over time after time again, and again! She is the most loyal dog as well, providing therapy even to myself as I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks , depression!, so as you can see she is the true hero dog , in every sense of the word!, she’s my hero and everyone’s hero!, she’ll bring a smile to anyone’s face, even when they don’t want to smile , she’ll go over and give them a kiss

Round 3 of voting for the 2020 Hero Dog Awards is now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement on Hallmark Channel in October.