Carmel — Guide / Hearing

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I was born premature with serious eye conditions. My eyes got worse over the years to the point where I needed to use a white cane which I did not like using so one of my mobility instructors said I should apply for a guide dog. I applied to guiding eyes for the blind and got my first guide dog in 2005. My second dog is Carmel and she is my eyes, my best friend and angel with paws. In July 2019 I detached my retina in my left eye and lost 50 % of vision that I had to begin with. I had to have a cataract removed on my right eye eight months after my first surgery and really haven’t gotten anything but light perception in that eye. Carmel has been wonderful adapting to the fact that I used to be able to see a little bit and now I can’t she is more careful with me when we get walking and more intuitive to what she needs to do to get me around safely. My friends have even noticed how she stepped up to help me more. She is my hero she is my eyes she is my best friend.

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