Charlie — Shelter

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Charlie defeated all odds. He was abandoned by his abusive owner. He was taken in by a kill shelter with just one day left before I got him..yet he climbed into my car with trust, not knowing what his future held. He politely wagged his tail and entered my home , searching the trash for his dinner, not knowing his meal was in the bowl before him. He minded his own business and got along well with the other dogs. He learned the cats ruled the house and he was not to chase them. And the dog who ran free and wild learned to walk politely on his leash. Charlie lives for his walks and for attention. He may not be a trained service dog but he learned from the street how to live life to the fullest snd be grateful for what he has.

I lost my son to addiction two years ago. Charlie has forced me out of the house and into the world , showing me how to live and breathe despite hard times. Charlie may not be a typical hero but he definitely is my hero.

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