Charm — Service

Location: Indian Trail, North Carolina

When I was diagnosed as a type one diabetic I was in third grade. When the doctor came back and told me i was diabetic i cried. i worried that i wouldn’t be able to live a normal life, i worried that i’d be bullied and that i’d lose friends.

I struggled a lot in the first 1-4 years. my mom wouldn’t leave me home alone until my sister was old enough to use a phone, she still doesn’t like to leave me home alone without my sister.

School was always hard and being diabetic didn’t help, when my sugar is low i can not see straight and get very lightheaded. when it’s high i can NOT get out of bed at all, i can’t keep liquids down and i vomit, ending in many trips to the hospital.

recently i had a seizure from my blood sugar being low. when i first had it i’d be able to tell when my sugar was low, when sleeping i’d wake up. now i can’t tell at all/ not as well, i don’t wake up from it anymore. my pod ( gives me insulin through the night, ) can malfunction and go out in the middle of the night and i don’t know till morning resulting in high blood sugars.

Not only does Carbs and insulin affect my blood sugar, so does anxiety.

going out in public, talking, school, being alone in public and many other things give me anxiety, which can lead to panic attacks and high blood sugar.

Charm is trained to help me through panic attacks, stop me from shaking my leg, scratching, go find a specific person if i pass out, follow someone walking infrount of me ( to lead me somewhere i can sit down

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