Chelsea — Shelter

Location: Dresher, Pennsylvania

Chelsea is a 4 year old Staffy who is the epitome of an American Hero Dog—undeniably loyal, inspiringly resilient, all while radiating joy and welcoming each new day with enthusiasm.
Although Chelsea was never a “Shelter Dog”, she is most certainly a rescue dog; her story showing the same struggle and triumph commonly seen in any animal rescue or adoption scenario.
It was a chilly evening on 10/30/16 in N. Philadelphia with my girlfriend, Katie—my brother was hosting a Halloween party. Shortly after arriving, I heard whimpering coming from outside, “That’s Chelsea…”, my brother says, “We provide her with food and water but she is still skin and bones. Someone abandoned her”
Earlier that evening, Katie and I were debating on staying home because of how tired we felt, but we decided to go. It was at this moment I knew why we felt so inclined to attend this party—we had a dog to save!
It has been 3 years, 3 months, and 23 days. Chelsea has become the star of the show. She has changed the perception of countless people’s inaccurate and ignorant views on Pit bulls, showed me unconditional love since my long-time family dog, Shadow, passed away, and has stunned me with her ability to trust a human being ever again.
Not only do I think that she considers us her hero’s, I can personally vouch that she IS my hero. She is a prime example of the power of forgiveness, kindness, and persistence.

Round 3 of voting for the 2020 Hero Dog Awards is now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement on Hallmark Channel in October.