Chief — Service

Location: Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Chief is a 2-year-old German Shepherd Seizure Alert and Response dog. She is named after my late great-grandfather who was a former Fire Chief, a goal I wanted to attain in my firefighting career. She was donated to me anonymously following an accident where I came into contact with an electrical circuit while training as a Firefighter. After the accident, I was diagnosed with an epileptic seizure disorder and my life has officially changed from what I once knew. After in-depth research, the possibility of having a ‘seizure dog’ would show to have a positive benefit while living with epilepsy. Chief flew to New Jersey at the age of five months from Alabama. Since then, we have worked diligently with a local professional dog trainer and continued training at home on our own to make her the best possible dog to have by my side.

Chief is just as dedicated to the task at hand as everyone else who has put effort into her and I as a team. We continue to train almost daily from simple sit/stay commands all the way to responding to a seizure event. Don’t be fooled though, Chief lives the life of a queen with lots of fun in between her duties, including many visits to the beach. One of the most amazing skills she has is the ability to alert first responders of a medical emergency. Not only does Chief give me the peace of mind knowing that I am safe 24/7 with her by my side, but she gives that same sense of security to my family. And, for that, Chief is our American Hero Dog.

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