Chip — Shelter

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Chip was the first rescue I have adopted. I had gotten previous dogs from breeders. I had a dog at home that I was trying to rescue a companion for since his companion had passed away (& in the end, the other dog passed too). I found Chip through Almost Home Foundation. I was advised that he had 2 previous owners and was brought back. Chip was a tough cookie to get his trust. He was abused in the first home he was in & the second was tough too. We worked with him to get rid of his fear aggression & he has become the most loving companion. He is a very old soul and found out that all people would not hurt him. He has become a favorite guest wherever we travel. We are happy to be able to show him a wonderful life. He has been loving the pandemic because we now work solely from home & am not sure how he will take the return to work. We will even be sad about going back. Chip is also a willing participant in my canine massage studies. We had his DNA studied and he is 64% shih tzu, 24% terrier (Yorky & Silky) and the rest is ‘supermutt’ of various other terrier breeds. Or as I always tease, ‘terror.’ Seriously, he has a great spirit and personality. He has learned to really communicate with us. He has been a wonderful addition to our family.

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