Chloe — Service

Location: Mulberry, Florida

Chloe had a hard start to life. She came into my life as a six-month-old, malnourished rescue as our family pet. From there she has become a trained Service Dog that saved my life, to the inspiration for launching a nonprofit organization that helps other Veterans and Individuals. When Chloe was 3 years old, I started with the Canine Good Citizen (TM) certification and trained her to accompany me in public. Once I felt confident that Chloe would be a good Service Dog, I researched ways to train her for specific tasks that would help me gain more independence. I used a combination of techniques used to train medical alert dogs, but specifically wanted to have Chloe alert by breaking my attention and making me focus on her. One night she did exactly what she was trained to do and it saved my life. I was in a bad place mentally and Chloe pushed hard into my leg and barked and stopped me from ending my life. Wanting to give back, Chloe was the foundational reason I started a nonprofit organization. With over 6 years working at my side, Chloe recently celebrated her 10th birthday and I chose to retire her as my Service Dog. She will have a new job at the local Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital as an official Therapy Dog. This will give her a continued sense of purpose and responsibility along with helping provide needed encouragement for our Nation’s Heroes. Chloe is already a hero, but to be named the “2021 American Hero Dog” would be an achievement like no other. Thank You.

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