Clay — Shelter

Location: Boynton Beach, Florida

When we lost our beloved Finchley we were looking to fill the void in our hearts and we came upon a Facebook post along with a video of a news broadcast about a chow chow who was found in the street injured and bleeding from being shot in his face. I contacted the rescue, “Chow Chow Rescue Society” and filled out an adoption application. When I got up I phoned her back and explained that we have had chows for over 40 years, I am friends with two veterinarians and that my other male was a show dog before we adopted him and gets along with other dogs without any problems regardless of gender. Long story short we took a road trip from Boynton Beach to Jacksonville the following Saturday. Yes, Angus, our male chow came with us for the trip. Clay is blind in his right eye and is missing three of his canine teeth and endured multiple surgeries. He’s a great dog with a huge personality. We have since lost Angus and have gotten another little 2 year old girl, “Angie”. Named after Angus!

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