Clover — Service

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Clover was trained by me with the help and input of local friends and my doctor to help me mainly with sensory processing disorder and other autism-related disabilities. The amount of independence I have had since she’s worked for me full time (about the past two years) compared to beforehand is extreme. I’ve gone from not even being comfortable grocery shopping alone to being able to take a plane trip for the first time by myself.

She does everything she does with the most over the top happiness and sense of humor, making even her presence with me reassuring even while she is not actively guiding me or doing another trained task. Even at home she is my constant shadow and watches me carefully to make sure I’m safe and comfortable. Her biggest motivator in life, even with others, is just wanting everyone to be happy. I have to be careful not to laugh at her if she does something mischievous because laughter encourages her to repeat a behavior. She’ll do anything to make you laugh. When she’s off duty she’s a friend to everyone, of every species, and even dogs that ordinarily do not like other dogs tend to be swayed by her non threatening presence.

I just think she’s a special and wholely good, kind person, but she also has a mischievous and playful streak that makes everything she does seem genuine and enthusiastic. I appreciate her not just for what she does for me but because I know she is a bright presence for everyone she meets, I’m grateful for her positivity.

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