Coco — Service

Location: Tonopah, Arizona

Coco is a medical alert & psychiatric service dog. She is one of the best dogs we will probably ever own, she’s intuitive – confident – willing to take on any challenge I put infront of her especially when that challenge is me. I am capable of being as independent as I am because of her. I believe Coco deserves this award because she’s helped more people than just me. She has helped children more than just a few who have disabilities learn how to handle a service dog in public before they get their own, I have a few service dogs in training that I’m working on so when I have them- I’ll hand her off to a friend with disabilities as well who doesn’t have a service dog and she has tasked for them especially when they’re about to pass out- she alerts, they sit down, she does DPT and will not allow them to get up until it is safe to do so, she has also helped aggressive dogs to trust again. She has saved more lives than just myself, I can always rely on her for anything. In the picture was the day I started calling her a fully task trained service dog. We were walking in walmart, was actually one of my good days where my sugars weren’t all over the place, and there was a woman sitting down in one of the aisles that had a heart condition. I asked her if she would like some help, she applied DPT&after 30 min Coco allowed her up and she was able to walk out unharmed. She is laying her footprint in this world, she inspires me to be the best that I can be.

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