Cody — Shelter

Location: Plano, Texas

I met Cody at a dog adoption event at Petco. I was not told he was sick. When I took Cody home that day it became clear that he needed me just as much as I needed him. I adopted Cody at 7 months old. He was severely sick when I adopted him with untreated kennel cough that turned in to pneumonia. The vet told me that most dogs do not survive this. I was wanting to fight and so was Cody. In that moment that the vet said he survived and had a clean bill of health;I knew if he could survive when he was not supposed to that I could overcome anything too. Fast forward two years, Cody dislocated his knee at 2 years old and had to have surgery. We ran in to a roadblock though. When trying to get him surgery they found out he had low white blood count which meant he could not be put under. It took a couple months to figure out why. We found out that the low white blood count was from a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks, Ehrlichia canis. It can lay dormant for years with no symptoms. He got Ehrlichia canis most likely from the shelter he was at. After treatment he had knee surgery at 3 years old and then physical therapy. He never once gave up. Currently, he is healthy and doing well. He has his CGC award. He does agility for fun. Cody’s shelter that he came from shut down about a year after I adopted him because of neglect to the animals. Cody deserves the American Hero Dog award because he reminds people to keep fighting no matter what and to let nothing stop you from living.

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