Coral — Service

Location: Port Saint Lucie, Florida

The most important thing my service dog, Coral, does for me is remind me to take my medications every day. I used to forget before she came into my life and the results were suicidal thoughts or even actions. So, I can honestly say Coral saves my life every single day! Coral has helped me boost my confidence to feel safe to leave my home, go to work, shop, leave a situation that causes a rise in anxiety, travel, and go out and live life. She nudges me awake each morning (due to sedative meds it’s hard to wake up), so I can stay gainfully employed. Me and family need that! She serves as a buffer between me and others when situations call for it, interrupts nightmares and flashbacks, and helps lower my blood pressure while increasing my serotonin levels with her unconditional love and super sweet disposition. I’m much more confident thanks to her that I want to share all the good things she does, and that’s not always a comfortable thing for me to do. She does all this and more for me. How do you repay this magnificent being that gives so much unconditionally? I give her the best life I can give and share her story for all to hear. To say I feel like the luckiest person on earth is an understatement. She is priceless and precious. She is my Coral.

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