Cujo — Service

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Last year I was working with a friends dogs so I had left Cujo at home. I came home to him freaking out. Trying to get my attention barking jumping pawing I knew something must be wrong and didn’t feel quite right. I tried to go to the bathroom and pack a bag for the er. I ended up barely making it into an ambulance conscious. My bladder was full of blood and infection and so were both of my kidneys. I had 2 softball sized cysts causing a torsion on my right ovary and preventing me from emptying my bladder fully. I was septic. I was scared and I was in pain. I tried to leave cujo at home as he had never been in the hospital for more than a few hours but my boyfriend brought him in after a day because he was panicking at home. He layed by or in my bed the whole week while they treated me. He didn’t misbehave. He didn’t have any accidents. He worked fully on off leash commands as I had to be in my wheelchair and needed to send him to potty ect. I don’t know if I would he alive today had he not alerted. I would have likely gone unconscious and not knowing I was septic my organs would have quickly started to shut down and I may not have been as lucky. He is the most amazing example of loyalty love and dedication. He went from a pup I rescued at 11mo and promised to protect to my hero and literal lifesaver. I saved him and he saved me.

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