Da Kingslayer — Service

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Da Kingslayer is my hero. We rescued him from a puppy mill that was being raided. He was 10 months old and put on the euthanasia list for snapping at an animal control officer. But my mom knew he was just scared. She has a lot of experience with rescue Rottweilers and Rottweilers in bad situations.

We took him home and my mom did all his training, including task training to be my Service Dog. He is my constant companion. Without him I would be unable to leave the house because the outside world is too overwhelming for me. Da Kingslayer knows how to help me navigate the Chicago bus and train lines. He helps me to remain calm when the busses or trains are too crowded. He opens doors for me to help me go into businesses. Without him I wouldn’t be able to go out with friends or to the library or volunteer in the community. He helps me when I take college classes because once he knows what classrooms I’m in he’ll take me there everytime I go.

He is my hero who never asks for anything back. He’s happy helping me. He is so proud to be doing tasks and I know he’s proud when I accomplish things. He is my best friend and I couldn’t live without him.

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