Daffy — Shelter

Location: Bear, Delaware

We found Daffy on the internet through Dire Straits Paws Rescue. He was a rescue from Russia (he even has a passport) and had a terrible start in life. He has seizures and requires medication everyday. He has a tick and it is constant, even when he’s sleeping. When we saw his beautiful face we just had to meet him. They brought him to our home for an introduction and he immediately took to me and I fell in love. I received pics of him when he was rescued and someone had torn the skin off of his feet and tail, so he is now missing a toe on each front foot. He is actually sitting here right now with his head on my thigh looking up at me. He is our 3rd dog that has had seizures so we are used to handling them. I couldn’t imagine someone hurting this sweet little man (my nickname for him is Little Man). He has really come out of his shell in the past year since adopting him and he will bark and jump up and down now when I get home from work. I am thankful God sent him to me.

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