Darling Louise Chandler — Shelter

Location: Littlefield, Texas

My girl is named Darling , it was not the name I would have chosen but for the first 2 months it was all she heard . I got Darling at the shelter in my town . When I was going to see if my dog that got out was there , she wasn’t but little darling was , she was 13 weeks old and in the worse shape I have ever seen a pup in . The guy at the shelter told me look she is going to die you don’t want her I am putting her down tomorrow! I couldn’t take her , well I got home and couldn’t sleep all night thinking about the poor pup , so next morning I was at the shelter at 7 am and told them I wanted her . They discussed it and made it very clear to me she is going to die , if I want to give her a place to die in peace that is fine . So I took what they said to heart and brought her home . I didn’t know she was as bad as she was , she couldn’t eat ( not that she wouldn’t but couldn’t everything that went down came up so she stopped trying ) she couldn’t stand up but for about 5 mins at a time and she was very under weight . I stayed with her day and night , feeding her with a baby dropper 4 ml every 10 min . She started to come around and then back lash it was back down hill. I had taken her to one vet who said look don’t waste your money let me put her down.

So I took her back home and did my own process , after another week or two I drove her out of town to a different vet who was able and willing to help , she had a blood disease and no white blood cells , her fever was 107 due to

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