Dennis — Shelter

Location: Glen Burnie, Maryland

Dennis was found on the streets of Baltimore in January of 2017. He was found cold, wet, hungry but eager to love. I was volunteered by my mom to foster him until his family claimed him I was reluctant to take in a dog at the time as I was planning a move to NYC in a few months. After a few weeks and hundreds of posts on social media, it had become apparent that Dennis didn’t end up on the street by accident and had in fact had an abusive past. He would wince whenever I extended my hand to pet him; he would shiver whenever I raised my voice. Despite this, it didn’t stop him from knocking down the dog gate I set up to keep him downstairs in the kitchen (as not to get attached to a dog I couldn’t keep), running upstairs and jumping in my bed.

Fast forward 4 years later and I could not imagine my life without my best friend. We’ve been together on countless adventures, from living the city life in NYC, to traveling across the country to make records (and pigging out on barbecue along the way). Dennis and I hike 3-5 times a week, we go everywhere together and he is my shadow. Two summers ago while on a hike, I slipped and fell in a river and the current dragged me down. The last thing I saw before being submerged was this pitbull, who’s terrified of water, jump in after his papa. He runs into the creek behind our place to “save” the kids splashing around in the water. Dennis loves everyone he meets and has so much love to give, despite his rough start.

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