Diese — Shelter

Location: Fort Hood, Texas

Here you see Diesel having fun and being so carefree. Diesel is a great dog he had a hard time with my husband at first. We have discovered he might have been abused by a male before going to the shelter. Diesel was rescued by the humane society because they were going to put him down. I just can’t believe this sweet dog would have been not here. Diesel loves to play. We try and go on atleast a 2 mile walk daily, surprisingly being a shelter dog Diesel can walk without a leash. I feel it is because he is so attached to me and he would never want to be without me. He is very spoiled rotten he gets Starbucks pup cups also goes to doggie daycare when we work. They say that Diesel is the welcome dog he tries and plays with every new dog. As hard as he plays he crashes and cuddles. He is a 57lb lap dog, my fur baby, hiking partner and best friend. Please give Diesel some love back!

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