Drogo — Service

Location: Stuarts Draft, Virginia

Drogo is just another shelter dog with a rough past. Originally when I adopted him I hated him. He was difficult and never listened. I kept working with him and even joined group classes. Once he started getting used to me he started naturally alerting. We ended up becoming extremely close. I ended up dropping out of in seat college to train him as a service dog. I was at an extremely low point in my life and didn’t think I’d make it through alive. He helped change that. Overtime he learned more and more. He was my best friend for years. He never stopped learning new things. After he was fully trained and started working him and I were inseparable. He has been by my side for years. I’ve never been without him. Drogo has gone above and beyond to save me everyday by tasking. He is only 4 and just recently was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. He is showing no symptoms but is retired from public access work and is only being used at home for tasking. He isnt skipping a beat in his job which amazes me. As he is sick but still wants to save me every day. I think that is a dog who is an absolute hero.

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