Eclipse — Service

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Eclipse is a hero dog to not only myself but to his former partner. Eclipse was a guide dog with GDA prior to being placed with me. I was diagnosed with ptsd and have mobility issues as well as debilitating migraines from being injured in the military. Whenever eclipse got paired with me through next step service dogs my life finally became whole. He is the reason I am still here today, eclipse has given me purpose and a reason to fight through and made it possible for me to go to the store and do daily tasks. When eclipse transitioned from being a guide dog to a service dog for me he had to learn new tasks and skills. Eclipse did this without hesitation and with great enthusiasm. Now that Eclipse is retired, he still does things around the house because he just loves to work. He is an exemplary service dog and a true hero. Eclipse will turn 11 in May and now has some health conditions that will hinder him from living as long as we hoped unfortunately. This award would mean so much to us as a team and him as an amazing service dog.

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