Enzo — Shelter

Location: Lemon Grove, California

We had lost our Foster Fail Jaxson to Hemangiomasarcoma cancer of the heart that is what is called the silent killer. Our other Dogue Scarlet was lonely. So we reached out to rescues and looking online to save another unwanted or neglected Dogue. Enzo popped up. His family were scared of Enzo. He had been left to raise himself in the garage and back yard. So dangerous for these powerful Dogues. The family was afraid of him. He growled and snarled at the kids. Anyways they took him to the shelter and the shelter told them most likely they would have to either put him down or he’d end up in the wrong hands. We agreed to meet them at the park for a meet/greet. Enzo was very scared and nervous, he growled at me. I come from a mind set if a dog is human aggressive or bitten someone, should be put down. My husband begged me to give Enzo a chance. I reluctantly agreed told Aaron if he bites me once, I will turn him into Animal Control. So I took on the responsibility to work with my Baby Man. He was 2 years old. Fast forward 6 months with love from my 85 year old in laws, my husband, my cat and I, Enzo was showing signs of being a smart amazing Dogue. One day he was barking incessantly at this box in our side yard, underneath was a dying little kitten crying. Enzo saved Li’i’s life. He helped take care of her until she was cured and we placed her with a loving family. Our Boy went from dangerous to a hero dog, a fearsome French Mastiff is now the Kitten Hero!

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