Fable — Shelter

Location: Unadilla, New York

Fable was rescued on Febraury 5, 2020 from a dog fighting ring in Franklin , NY. Dubbed the “Franklin 20”,these dogs survived a life of barbaric torture and lived in constant fear of death, starvation, isolation, and who knows what else. Fable is my hero. She has overcome so many boundaries and obstacles over the past 11 months-she amazes us EVERY DAY. Fable lived in a plastic crate that was stacked with other crates on top. She was found with 19 other dogs, covered in feces, vomit, urine and blood. SHE WAS PETRIFIED OF PEOPLE. She was hungry, freezing (it was 17 degrees that night) and had NO WILL to live. But she survived and while the rest of the dogs have found loving homes, Fable remains here at DVHS with us where she continues to build confidence and trust more with each day. Fable was being trained to fight. She was forced to do horrible things and the person responsible truly did try to break her. But she isn’t broken. Fable is strong and forgiving. Today, she spends her days eating anything she can, hoarding as many stuffed animals as she can, and meeting new people every day. She spends her days at a local barber shop (my husband owns) where she greets people while getting their hair cut. She has become a local celebrity and although we are not able to adopt her at this time, (we have a dog aggressive dog at home as well ) we certainly feel lucky to be able to have her spend her days at Sweet Lu’s Barber Shop! https://www.thedailystar.com/news/local_news/franklin-ma

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