Finch — Shelter

Location: Robinsonville, Mississippi

When we decided to get another dog, we wanted a girl playmate for our lab. He was three months old and LOVED when we had foster puppies come to us. So I came across a post of someone moving that “couldn’t keep” this Aussie mix puppy. Said that they were “getting rid of it and didn’t want to take it to the shelter”. Before I even saw a picture of her I immediately said I have a feeling this is the one. I always try to take in the animals people post “for free” or “can’t keep need gone asap” because I work with many rescues and wouldn’t want an animal used in fighting or anything bad. We drove around four hours to get the little fluffball. We pulled up at a gas station where a couple teenagers brought her over and walked off. No care in the world. She was so tiny and scared. I fell in love. Over the next few months I watched how caring she was. She loves to hug! She loves kittens and babies and knows how gentle she has to be with them. We started including her more and more in our fostering mission and learned just how amazing she is. She wasn’t even a year old, was spayed, and never had any puppies, yet she took each foster in like they were her own baby and showed them the ropes, cleaned them, gave them warm cuddles. Even when we had six puppies at once, she loved teaching them. So I knew she would be my little helper in fostering our blind/deaf baby. She taught her so many things and always let her follow her everywhere. She took care of her. She was her hero. And mine.

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