Flynn Rider — Service

Location: Glendale, Arizona

Flynn Rider has made my life possible. He has take on the role of service dog, demo dog, and foster brother. As my service dog he has allowed me to live my life with less fear and worry. Standing at my side ready for any challenge. He used his own problem solving skills to adjust to new ailments as they came. He was always there for me any time I needed him. As he has gotten older his love for the job has diminished. Sadly we have decided this is the year for retirement. He will stay with me forever but his days of accompanying me everywhere are coming to an end. Flynn still has a job of foster brother to the dogs that come into rescue as well as the dogs that come in for training. He assists me in teaching them all good manners and shows them what the world could be like. Over the years he has helped 100’s of dog’s become better versions of themselves. He has helped train other service dog’s for people in need. He has raised countless puppies (not his own) who needed guidance only an well balanced dog could give. Flynn has willingly and on his own worked for strangers who needed his strength and support. It is only because of Flynn that I have meet the wonderful people I have. My words just don’t do him justice. He is truly the best dog ever. My best friend. My life. This being his final few months of working as my service dog I would love to honor him and all he has done for me and all the lives he has touched along the way. Please help me do so by voting for him.

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