Fozzy — Shelter

Location: Altadena, California

I adopted Fozzy with my ex-husband in December 2016. From day one, he has protected me. He was always very wary of my ex. He tolerated him, but was never completely comfortable with him. This dog got me through really hard times. He was there for me when I left my husband. I recently had to have my horse euthanized and he was there for me when I did that. I recently had to go back to see my ex and when I did so, I brought Fozzy with me. He was clearly uncomfortable with him and very nervous. He hid behind me the entire time. That same day, I also had my cat at the vet. When I picked her up, Fozzy went inside with me. He was incredibly happy and cuddling with the technicians on the ground. Fozzy knows that my ex-husband is not a good person. And I know that if he put his hands on me in any way, that Fozzy would have protected me. He is the best dog that I could ask for and when I go on road trips, I feel 100% confident that if someone were to try to hurt me, that this dog would protect me.

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