Gemma — Shelter

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida

Gemma is a rescued pup. I found her at the ASPCA. I’m active duty military and found myself in a deep depression after a divorce. I know people say I rescued her but she rescued me. She gave me a reason to smile and pull myself together. She is a happy dog that loves clothes and toys. I have had her for over 4 years. She keeps me going and reminding me everyday I’m loved. Without my Gemma I don’t know if I would still be here today. She is super spoiled now and has a personality of her own. She is full of attitude now. Which is a good thing in may ways. She went from a scared dog to a dog that knows what she wants. To see the changes she has made since I have had her is unbelievable. As you can tell she only has one eye. That doesn’t stop her from catching and playing. I never thought I would have a mini me but I do. She just happens to have four legs! There is nothing better than her love

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