Georgi — Service

Location: Millsboro, Delaware

Georgi is my American Hero Dog. She has truly saved me by giving me my life back. I was deployed to serve in 3 military combat zones. Upon my return home from Iraq in 2008 I was not myself. I would stay withdrawn from my family and friends. I was experiencing speech difficulties, severe migraine headaches, balance issues causing falls, memory loss, fear of being around crowds, hypersensitivity to sounds, hypervigilance, short tempered anger, confusion and mental blocks, depression and anxiety. I couldn’t maintain financial matters and eventually had to retire from my job. I was treated for PTSD, TBI, Post Concussion Syndrome and migraine headaches. With all of the medications I was made to take I was becoming increasingly depressed. I even contemplated suicide. My doctors recommended that I apply for a service dog to help me deal with my disabilities. After hearing this advise many times, I finally applied to the American Humane Shelter to Service Dog Program. I trained in November 2017 to get Georgi. She quickly became my hero dog. She senses when my PTS flares and grounds me. She blocks me when out in public and helps me maintain balance. She gave me life and inspiration not to give up. Having Georgi has given me the courage to help other veterans by volunteering for the Disabled American Veterans and the VA voluntary programs. We are making a difference in our community to help veterans who need it. This is why she is my American Hero Dog. I was lost before her.

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