Gimley — Shelter

Location: Independence, Missouri

I have had Gimley(formerly known as peanut) for a year and six months. He was pulled from a kill shelter at just 4 weeks old. He was found by himself and landed in there. His pic of his tiny 2 lb self in that huge concrete kennel. When he came to our house he wasn’t sure of much, his confidence was low. Day by day our bond grew stronger and stronger. At a year old I already know he is my soul dog. Everyone that meets him tells me how unique and special he is.

About a month ago I started fostering a very neglected pregnant dog. She was living outside in these negative temps on a heavy chain with neighbors throwing her food. Her babies were going to be born in this weather. Luckily she was rescued and ended up as a foster at my house. Tuesday night mama( my pregnant foster) went out to go to the bathroom. There were no signs of labor at all. It looked like she was doing a #2. She came back up the steps like nothing was out of the normal. I walk up the steps to go back inside and Gimley was barking and going insane. When I tried to go back up the stairs he got in front of me and kept barking like I have never saw. Then he ran over to something and started licking it. I figured it was a dead animal. All of a sudden I heard what sounded like a baby kitten. I run over there never expecting what I was about to find. It was a newborn puppy! Mama had it outside and just left it! I got the puppy in, got it warm and thanks to my hero Gimley, it is thriving and is one of the biggest. ♥

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