Ginger — Shelter

Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida

Ginger is a rescued bulldog that was found abandoned in a Walmart parking lot, unable to walk. We took her in as a foster and after a few days the results from the vet showed that she only had a few months left and her legs would never recover. She also had a bad cleft pallet that would cause multiple cases of pneumonia. My boyfriend and I decided to keep her and show her the best life she could have. After a few months working we her we started to get her to walk, then to a slight jog, then started jumping up and playing with our other dogs like nothing happened!! At that point we were able to wean her off of her medication and focus on the next task-fixing her cleft pallet surgery. We found a specialist that would close her cleft pallet and took the opportunity to help her breath better. She healed wonderfully from that surgery and came out a whole new dog. Now she runs around for hours in her new backyard with her brother and sister and is the love of our lives.

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