Glory — Search and Rescue

Glory is an eight-year-old Bloodhound who has been trained and certified to track lost pets. During her long and successful career, she has helped bring closure to hundreds of families. Glory works in extreme temperatures and under difficult conditions and is devoted to her work.

“We were terrified,” says Stephanie, the owner of a lost cat, Pistol. “Pistol was gone from our front yard and we had no idea where to look. When Glory led me to the freeway and wanted to cross, I couldn’t believe it. But Glory was right, as we had Pistol back that same afternoon. Pistol had crossed the 101 freeway and was right across from where Glory indicated.”

Paisley, a Yorkshire terrier mix was lost three days. “How does one even put to words an experience of knowing we may never have seen Paisley again? Without your fierce help and Glory’s devotion to her work, we wouldn’t be sitting here with Paisley tonight.” -Derek

On Goldie, the Pomeranian. “When I received the devastating news that Goldie was missing, I spent six nights walking through the area and calling into a megaphone, put up 300 posters and offered a $1,000 reward. Goldie was lost 60 miles away with no food or water–it was more than my family could bear. Our hearts were broken. On day eight, Landa arrived with Glory working 24 hours a day in the rain. At nine days missing Glory found Goldie alive under crates in an outdoor factory.” -Karin

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