Glory — Law Enforcement and Detection

Charity Partner: Project Paws Alive, Inc.

Glory is a certified accelerant detection canine. She is trained to sniff out minute traces of hydrocarbon based accelerants which helps combat the growing problem of intentionally set fires. While the team does the majority of their work around their home base in Beloit, Wisconsin, it’s not uncommon for them to be called to investigate a fire anywhere within the state as well as neighboring states. As a nationally certified team, they are called to assist anywhere the need arises.

With the assistance of Glory’s keen sense of smell, her handler can confirm or rule out the possibility of arson within a matter of minutes. Without canine assistance, finding a cause could take weeks with multiple investigators sifting through the debris.

Glory’s keen senses go far beyond detecting accelerants. Firefighters and paramedics deal with situations that affect them emotionally. Glory has the ability to sense who is having a rough day and will spend time with them, which helps relieve that stress.

Public education is a substantial part of Glory’s job. Glory and her handler visit schools, clubs, and organizations, talking about fire safety, fire prevention and arson awareness. While public awareness is key to combating the growing problem of intentionally set fires, the team emphasizes the importance of creating and regularly practicing a plan to get out of the home safely. Fires are not selective nor do they wait for fire prevention week. Likewise, this team makes sure the message does not wait.

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