Gracie Blue — Shelter

Location: Ontario, California

Gracie found me she was wandering the streets cold and hungry with no collar I took her to my local vet to see if she was chipped after finding out she wasn’t I took her home fed her and bathed her she had what seemed like months of dirt and fleas coming off her. I posted her to social media hung up flyers but no one claimed her so I named her Gracie Blue as she is a blue nose pit bull and 6 years later is my best friend she has become a wonderful companion and great emotional support for me she knows when I’m about to have an anxiety attack and calms me down. If I’m sad or crying she will come snuggle with me or do something silly to make me laugh I can’t even imagine life without Gracie in it I honestly don’t know who rescued who but I know she has stolen my heart! The submitted picture is her silly face smile whenever she senses I need to cheer up this is what she does

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