Gus — Shelter

Location: Houston, Texas

Gus was found walking aimlessly down a busy street with a head so severely swollen, you couldn’t tell he was a dog. It was a shoe lace tied so tight that it sliced through his flesh into his neck almost to the bone. Through his recovery he gained thousands of well wishers from all over the country and other countries as well. He brought attention to the plight of the homeless animals and how they suffer.

His good nature and compliance through all his very difficult procedures and surgeries has given people hope and something to cheer for. He has been the glue for people from all over the world who look to him for some good in this very caustic and seemingly uncaring climate. His innocence and sweetness transcends cultural differences and indifference to the homeless dog crisis in Houston and other cities facing the same situation.
Because of him and his message more people are fostering and adopting dogs from shelters, they are stopping to help the stray dog that is only looking for something to eat and a gentle touch. People are taking notice and getting more involved animal welfare. I believe Gus came to us with a specific purpose and mission. He is the tender soul who opens hearts and helps people know that there are more Gus’ out there who are just as special as he is. That we all can do something to help and not just turn away.
#gusstrong #iamgus

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