Hank — Shelter

Location: Reading, Pennsylvania

Hank is everyone’s dog. Rescued in 2015, he brings joy to our neighborhood, on his daily walks, where he has been dubbed “the Mayor”. People yell his name from their cars (some of them don’t know my name just his!). pull over & get out of their cars, run out of their homes or businesses to get some Hank love. I have said since his rescue, I am the Sonny to his Cher, & I wouldn’t have it any other way. His neighborhood pack adores him & his kitty siblings, well, adore is strong but they do snuggle him from time to time.

The local ARL utilizes him for community events because he is not just handsome & loving, he’s never put a mouth on anyone in a social setting )he plays with me & his dad so soft mouth is fine by us! But it is only during playtime). His love reach goes beyond our neighborhood. Again, why I call him “Everyone’s Dog”. He’s gone to the Young Women’s Summit for the Jr League, during the Spring he visited a local nursing home with other ARL alumni/volunteers (outside due to Covid), & he won the local pet contest & was featured on Berks County Living magazine cover, last summer.

All dogs are special. But Hank draws people to him like I’ve never seen & I still volunteer to walk dogs at the ARL so even though I’m biased, I still am exposed to a lot of dogs.

It is absolutely my privilege & honor to be his mom. Hank is a gift to this world.

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