HarleyQuinn Rosebud Adams — Service

Location: Hoover, Alabama

HarleyQuinn has saved my life on three occasions and kept me from serious head injury more than once. The first time was on I-40 just outside of Charlotte while I was on my way home to Alabama from my Mothers funeral in Virginia. She was able to release the seatbelt tether then move into the front seat and begin alerting me to check my glucose levels by nudging my leg. This caused me to leave the interstate and park at the 1st lot of the next exit which was a fast food restaurant. However I collapsed before I could check my blood sugar and when I regained consciousness the manager of the restaurant and a Charlotte officer were at my car with me, my blood sugar had dropped to 37. She was able to alert me in time to get me off the interstate and parked before I collapsed. She then barked and jumped at the car windows until she drew the the attention of someone to get me the help I needed. I attribute my being alive today on the tasks she was able to perform or I would’ve been going 75 on I-40 when I collapsed. She truly is MY hero!

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