Harry — Service

Location: Williston, Florida

Harry and I were matched on April 26, 2018. Since that day my life has had a 180 degree change. With him, I have been able to go out in public such as stores, restaurants, airports, and other venues. I am a 100% combat related disabled Veteran. I have uncontrolled diabetes, severe PTSD, nightmares, sleep apnea, COPD and pass more than a dozen kidney stones a week and wear a colostomy pouch.

In October of 2019, I passed out over night due to extremely low blood sugars. Harry pawed me and licked me until I regained consciousness. On the fifth day, I could not walk and Harry helped me get the phone so I could call 911. He lead the police to me in the back room. Harry alerts me before passing kidney stones before I even feel it. Harry gently wakes me when having nightmares. Harry does alert me to both high and low sugar levels again before I know it is taking place. He is always on my left side and if he detects me starting to stress he is right there to ground me. This is only a short list of how Harry has changed my life. Without Harry by my side, I truly believe that I would not be here today.

I will be forever grateful to Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs for matching me with Harry and now living a productive happy life.

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