Hazel Joan — Shelter

Location: Jonesborough, Tennessee

How could I ever describe what a joy Hazel Joan has been. She was abused, allowed to have so many puppies her little belly was sagging and still droopy. Her name was Polly but she just wouldn’t acknowledge the name. I decided to change her name after two loving ladies who had recently passed away. She recognized the name so quickly. I believe she associated the name Polly with her abuser. She was on the list for euthanasia in another state but was sent to a no kill Humane Society near my town. I was told about her and asked to foster, the rest is history. She has never left my side showing me so much appreciating and love. She quickly learned how to roll over for “Hazel Joan Belly Rubs”. I was suffering from anxiety, and she saved me too. When I removed her from the cage she was in, she never forgot that day I’m sure. To others she may be just a dog, but to me, she is my best friend loving me unconditionally. I’m so thankful! So many pictures I could have chosen but the love in her eyes will capture your heart without hesitation. She saved me as I saved her. She’s my hero!

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