Herry Monster — Service

Location: Monroe, Ohio

As with everyone this year has been hard. And for children across this nation doubly so. Gideon experienced the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty but wasn’t able to understand fully what was happening. We had gotten Herry Monster in January of 2020, right before the world stopped. From the moment the two met Herry and Gideon were best friends. Every night as they curled up together in bed Gideon would tell Herry “I love you, Herry. You’re my best friend”. Once COVID shut everything down and changed the world Gideon’s anxiety and OCD became a weight he carried. Herry, who had been trained in behavior disruption, saw this. When he sensed Gideon starting down the path of an episode Herry would go cuddle with him. He’d lay across Gideon’s lap and let the child use his ear like a blankie to wipe away his tears. Herry is a hero because he changed my son’s life. Not just because he has given him independence with mobility for Gideon, not just because Herry soothes his fears and senses when he’s needed emotionally, but Herry is a hero for being more than a service dog. Herry Monster gave my son a best friend. Herry makes Gideon feel like he’s never alone. The life of a kid who will never be able to run or jump with other kids, or who will always be behind cognitively from his peers can be very lonely. Herry saved the day, the year, and a lifetime for my son. He gave Gideon so much. But friendship is the super power that this hero brought to our lives.

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