Hiccup — Service

Location: Oscoda, Michigan

I originally adopted Hiccup from the humane society. Everyone could tell he was abused and ran away from home. When I adopted him he was the sweetest and smartest boy. He picked up on my anxiety and depression from abuse I had in the past. He would come up to me and comfort me without any training and that’s when I decided to train him as a service animal. I saved his life and he saved mine. There was a connection from the first second we met each other, he wasn’t scared of me. He taught me that you can find happiness again, even after it had been taken from the people you were suppose to trust. He was abused and learned to love again.. just like I did. This picture was taken at work when I was a cashier and he was so happy to be there and he brightened everyone’s day that he met. He’s the only reason I was able to leave my apartment and feel like a normal person again. He’s my ride or die.

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