Homer — Service

Location: Harrison, Michigan

Homer is a service dog that helps me with mobility and stability such as he stabilizes me as I go up or down stairs and when needed he can pull a wheelchair. I have a rare type of dystrophy so I fall often. Homer is trained to help get me up. He is also trained to pick up items I drop or to retrieve things I need. He can help me by picking up things and putting them into a shopping cart or the trash. He can carry bags for me when I go to the store or pharmacy. Even tho not trained in this area he has also started to alert to my blood sugar with extreme highs and sudden drops. Homer has been a great help in my life as I lose the use of my hands and my legs. He enjoys the work that he does and gets excited when it’s time to put on his vest and work in public. In his free time Homer helps rescued animals decompress and he has shown many small dogs that big dogs are not so scary. If Homer was not in my life I would be extremely limited in what I would be able to do without human assistance.

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