Hook — Guide / Hearing

Location: Sacramento, California

My service dog, Hook, is a hearing dog. He is a 12 pound ten year old and goes almost everywhere with me. About three years ago I was downtown in Sacramento and was crossing a street. A train was coming that I did not hear because of my hearing impairment. As I was approaching and crossing the track Hook started jumping on me and I did not know why. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted. So I stopped and I saw people on the street motioning to me. It distracted me as I was crossing the track. Hook seeing the danger ahead that I was not aware of suddenly pulled me off the track. I turned around not knowing why and then saw the train. It missed me by a foot.

Another time a prowler broke into my office. I was in the back room and there was a loud sound. I was so scared. I felt a presence in my waiting room. Before I could think about calling 911 Hook bolted out to the waiting room. I looked down the hallway and saw a man. Hook was growling and chased the man out of my office.

Hook usually goes everywhere with me. I am a family therapist and at my office Hook sits beside me in my chair while I help patients. The amazing thing about Hook is he is not only sensitive to my needs but to the needs of others. When he sees a patient in distress or crying he will leave our chair, go sit in the patients lap and lick their tears. He has brought smiles to many children, teens, and adults in our practice we share. Hook is everyone’s hero not just mine.

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