Hope — Shelter

Location: Freeburg, Illinois

I would like to nominate my dog, Hope, for the Shelter Dog Award. The product of a backyard breeder, Hope was born without eyes and is completely deaf. I discovered Hope on the shelter’s website and instantly fell in love. My heart ached as I stared at Hope’s eyeless sockets. She would never get to see the world around her. Something inside of me kept saying, “If you don’t adopt her, no one will.”

At first glance, Hope appeared to be broken. I thought that she would need special accommodations due to her disabilities. She proved me wrong. Hope learned the layout of my house in a week, climbed the basement stairs, and barked at the back door when she wanted to go out.

Nothing holds her back from living an amazing life. Every day she inspires me and over 3,000 Facebook followers and over 7,000 Instagram followers (who lovingly refer to her as the Queen Ween) to rise and face whatever challenges that the day may bring.

Once thought to be “broken” and a “mistake,” Hope is the living embodiment of her namesake. She has overcome incredible odds and, despite all that she has endured at the hands of humans, she has never met a stranger. Hope has opened my eyes and heart. Now I see that being differently-abled does not mean disabled and what we perceive as brokenness can help to change the world.

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