Huckleberry — Shelter

Location: Auburn, California

Huckleberry was rescued after living in utter filth under an apartment building from the age of 2 months to 8 months. He had been thrown out of his home for being ugly. During his time living under the apartments he was abused by tenants living in the units. He found a little solace in some cat friends that lived under there with him. A fabulous rescue spent two days trying to trap him and finally had to crawl under the building in mud, filth and who knows what else to get him. He was covered in fleas. I can’t imagine how he survived on his own being only 6 lbs. I watched his rescue unfold via social media and waited anxiously to find out if he had been rescued. He had my heart before I had met him. I adopted him shortly after knowing he had many issues to work through. He has brought a joy to our lives that I cannot begin to explain. Despite how he was treated, he loves unconditionally and with all his heart. He has the most kind soul I’ve ever seen. He has many playmates now and enjoys hugging them and laying across them. He also makes sure everyone is well groomed. Something I think his kitty friends taught him. Huckleberry now has his very own Facebook page and so many people love him. He even had a Christmas song written just for him. I will be forever grateful to the wonderful people at the rescue who took the time to get him out of that horrible situation. They never gave up on him. Huckleberry is now loved with all our hearts and has a place to call home forever.

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