Hunter — Shelter

Location: Kansasville, Wisconsin

Hunter came to me 2 years ago at the age of 2. His owner met me at the barn my 4-H Daughter worked at for horse riding time. Never met her before but she told me how she needed a free dog sitter for just 1 weekend to give her & the new Husband a break cause he hated the dog. So the dog came to us on a Friday night & by Saturday morning she text me and says she dont want him back. The poor dog was depressed, matted,un-neutered & needed weight on him. I didnt need/want another dog as I had 1 rescued German Shepherd mix Sheba. I had recently been divorced from a long bad marriage and was very depressed myself. Well I decided Hunter the Newfoundland would stay cause my whole life I always wanted a Newfie. Made a grooming appt & Vet appt for him. Got his Vetting all done. Got him all groomed nicely. He adores his groomer which he goes to monthly. Got him good food and a good weight on him. He goes for 2 walks a day. Goes to the dog park 2 – 4 times a week. He is a big fluffy,loving drooling baby. Not a mean bone in him. He was so depressed when he came to me and now it’s like hes smiling and very happy. Hes made me happy and I am no longer depressed either. While I saved him in a sense….he saved me also. Hunter is the Best.

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