Ice — Law Enforcement and Detection

Charity Partner: Throw Away Dogs
Location: Olympia, Washington

In the early hours of July 21, 2016 a team of Officers from the US Forest Service and Deputies from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office were investigating an illegal marijuana garden on public lands within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Two suspects attempted to flee and Ice was deployed to capture one of the suspects. As Ice was apprehending the suspect, the suspect used a large knife to stab Ice twice in the chest as well as the face and muzzle. Despite Ice’s serious wounds, Ice remained apprehending the suspect until the suspect was taken into custody. Ice’s bravery likely saved the other officers from getting stabbed or injured.

Despite his trauma, Ice didn’t let out a whine nor a whimper. Ice’s handler and the team immediately bandaged and dressed his wounds. As the area was extremely rugged and remote, a California Highway Patrol helicopter was dispatched. Ice’s handler and other team members then took turns carrying Ice approximately ¾ of a mile over rough terrain and dense vegetation to a suitable landing location.

Ice was airlifted to VCA Asher Animal Hospital in Redding, CA and taken immediately into surgery where the doctors and staff were able to repair his wounds. Ice has since made a full recovery and has returned to duty.

This wasn’t Ice’s first scrape, and though a tough as nails working dog, Ice also has an extraordinary ability to interact and socialize with people. Both these amazing abilities makes Ice a truly special dog and partner.

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