Iris — Guide / Hearing

Location: Denver, Colorado

Cerr lost her eyesight her senior year of high school. Losing her sight cost Cerr her confidence and her dreams of becoming a veterinarian. For the next 5 years, she worked on developing cane skills in the hopes of one day receiving a guide dog. However, even with a cane, Cerr’s world was limited.

Iris was placed with Cerr in 2019, just before she moved to begin law school, and Iris opened up the world. On her first day living in a new city, Iris saved Cerr from being hit by a car while trying to cross an unfamiliar road. She has continued to provide both freedom and piece of mind, helping Cerr to navigate shops, buses, and planes. Iris is a hero because Cerr would not be able to travel safely and independently without the confidence of having another set of eyes. Iris is loyal, loving, and incredibly smart. She absolutely loves to work, and would do anything for a treat. She is a cuddle bug and the best thing to ever happen to our family.

Since then, Iris has helped raise awareness about guide dogs and their life changing jobs. She has helped advocate for the rights of Blind and disabled people and their working dogs. She is a hero because she has opened up Cerr’s world and given her back the independence to live a full and limitless life.

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