Jack Frost Tillinghast — Shelter

Location: Moscow, Idaho

Hello my name is Kayla I adopted Jack from a home, he needed to find a home or lose his so I took him in, being a deaf dog I figured he had a slimmer chance of being taken, which by the way his name was Chance when I got him. But when he got to me he just had that Jack type attitude. This dog saved my life coming to me, he came in at a point in my life where I was broken, lonely and confused and wasn’t telling many people, he came in and shined this inner light on my broken heart and helped pick up the pieces that I had felt crumble to the floor. This dog loved me instantly, he was well trained, knew sign language and is just everything a girl could ever ask for. His last name has been changed this year since his momma is to be married in July and I hope he gets to be a hero dog, because he is my hero. Jack has touched so many lives In his couple years of being here, my friends legitimately fight over who gets him when I’m away with my fiance on the semi, when people who know Jack see him in public they usually say hi to him and give him a good rub, and tell me he’s a really good dog. Those who really know Jack know he’s a barker, but know his bark is worse than his bite, but that he’s the sweetest dog ever. So once again I nominate my Jacky boy, good luck son I love you.

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